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When you feel the calling to “journey inwards”, to get to know yourself better, to find the meaning of life, to remind yourself who you are in essence and to create a new dream for your life; one that is not limited by (beliefs, pain or experience) from your past, then I invite you to join me for this ceremony.

In nature, surrounded by the elements, we find ourselves and each other. 

Organiser: Jesse van der Velde 

There are very few moments when we in Western society really have the opportunity to become still, to (re)connect with nature and our own inner nature.

Ancient tribes have always had ceremonies to support their spiritual healing and development, their connection with the Great Spirit, nature and each other.

For me personally, I can attest to these ceremonies having changed my life. Never have I felt such deep inner peace, power and emotional healing as when I started to journey with shamans in these ceremonies and began to learn more. Never before was life so pure and joyful and at the same time, was my vision so great and free. 


Jesse van der Velde

Who is Jesse and why is he organising this ceremony?

Two-and-a-half years ago I had a vision while meditating. Very clearly, I saw, despite having closed eyes, a vision of Google, in which was typed into the search engine: ”Light Body School”. At that point in time, I had been going through a six-month period of healing. I was participating in monthly ceremonies with different healers and using plant-based medicinal remedies, like Ayahuasca, mushrooms and San Pedro. Inspired by my vision, I typed Light Body School into the search box on my laptop and found the school of Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Here the centuries-old principles of Shamanic Energy Medicine, derived from the Q’ero community (the last descendants of the Incas), were being taught to Westerners. 

The Q’ero elders taught him their powerful techniques of shamanic energy healing following a prophecy of their elders. This entailed that the time had come to share with the Western world their principles, which had been kept secret for so long. Without thinking twice, I decided to undertake the training, to which I committed one month, to learn the healing principles of the ancient Incas. I felt that the vision that I had been given came from something bigger than myself: the Great Spirit, which all ancient communities recognise. I was grateful for the new way that was being shown to me and followed my intuition. 


During my training and while I participated in ceremonies with different shamans - like those from the Huni Kuin community - I gradually came to a realisation.

In one way or another, I had always been a “medicine man”. I advised people on their diet, on herbs and superfoods and supported them with healing the physical body. It was only logical that the next step would be to restore energy and emotional wellbeing with the help of plants and energy medicine.

When the ceremonial tepee came to me via a good friend and I was able to hold my first ceremony, I realised: Never has anything come so naturally to me in my life. This is what I should be doing.  

The “Sacred Dream” of Mother Earth

A shaman whom I regularly visit for sweat lodge experiences and ceremonies always says: ‘We do this so the children may live.’ 

Gradually, I realised that all ancient communities still existing in the world have a kind of “Sacred Dream”: A Dream for our Earth. They have a dream, a vision, of a planet where people live in harmony and in good health. A Dream where people again live alongside Mother Earth and cherish her, with the knowledge that we are the generation that will determine if the planet will be habitable for the children of our children. Because, despite the rate at which we damage her, one thing is certain: She will always be here. The question is: will humanity be able to exist here too? But the reason why the shamans, the indigenous tribes, and the Earth Keepers keep the dream alive for all of us is so that our children will have a future here.  

The moment when I comprehended this, I was reminded of what the mushrooms had helped me see during the very first ceremony: A dream where humanity was in Harmony, living in complete Health, and we were again caring for the Earth. With these insights as new core values (and wanting to see this in my lifetime), I emerged from my first ceremony. In other words, the mushrooms introduced me to the Sacred Dream of the shamans. 


A shaman whom I regularly visit for sweat lodge experiences and ceremonies always says: ‘We do this so the children may live.’ 

Why truffles?

Shamans all over the world have always used - and are still using - plants to aid their physical and spiritual growth, like for example, Ayahuasca.

In the Netherlands, we can buy mushrooms and truffles in smartshops, but in countries like Mexico, where the mushrooms grow wild in the Oaxaca region, they have been used for centuries in ceremonies by local shamans.

Truffles have always been legal in the Netherlands when cooked fresh and that is why we are able to use them. They contain the active ingredient psilocybin, that is also contained in mushrooms. Scientists have over the past few years done extensive tests into the effects of psilocybin on wellbeing, especially regarding depression. Some say that it is the medicine of the future.  

Others realise that we are merely returning to the healing remedies that we have always had, specifically the plants and mushrooms that Mother Earth has given us. And that was before science even existed. 


Shamans all over the world have always used - and are still using - plants to aid their physical and spiritual growth, like for example, Ayahuasca.

What is the ceremony like - and what can I expect? 

The ceremony is held in a tepee in a beautiful location in nature, 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam. 

A fire burns and we make music, experiencing together as well as individually our own inner journey.  

We eat fresh, legal, psilocybin “magic” truffles.

The ceremony begins in the afternoon after a light lunch and ends in the evening. Then dinner is served and the day ends.


The intention of the ceremony and the difference between drugs and “plant medicine” 

We organise these ceremonies with the intention to heal and grow spiritually. 

That means that the ceremony is NOT just about the experience.  

Truffles can be seen as drugs, but also as “medicine”. 

But this should not be confused with clinical medicine - it is not about curing a disease. We are using the term “medicine” in a spiritual sense here, as the shamans do too.  

The difference is our intention and the setting in which we take them.

Truffles are drugs when we use them to party, to escape from the reality of our lives, to forget or when we are looking for a certain experience.  

When truffles are taken in a ceremonial setting to promote spiritual healing and growth, we give a completely different intention to the act and this results in a completely different experience.  

This is also the intention behind our organising of this ceremony. It is not meant for those who are looking for an “experience”. 


We organise these ceremonies with the intention to heal and grow spiritually.

Who should come?

  • For people who are on a road of constant development in their lives; 
  • For people who are familiar with the inner journey; 
  • For people who want to get to know themselves better; 
  • For people who are ready for a next step in their lives and don’t want their past to rule their future;
  • For people with big dreams; 
  • For people who want to stay on the path of inner and spiritual growth; 
  • For people searching for a mission, the reason for their existence; 
  • For anyone who feels called to the world of plants, mushrooms or something bigger than themselves; 

The ceremony is for people who walk the inner path, for people who want to get to know themselves better and don’t want to let the past continue to influence the future. 

Who should not come

People who want “an experience”;

Pregnant women; 

People who are taking medication as prescribed by a doctor or who are being treated by doctors; 

Agenda - date for planned ceremonies

Agenda - info for planned ceremonies 

Available dates (choose yours after payment):

  • Friday the 25th of January 2019
  • Friday the 15th of February
  • Friday the 1st of March
  • Friday the 22nd of March  


The tepee is situated on farmland about 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam. The exact address will be given upon registration. There is parking at the location.  

Times (for dates, see above):  

12:00 - Arrival + introduction and preliminary discussion.  

13:00 - Ceremony begins  

+/- 19:00 - End of ceremony and closing (light) dinner and discussing the ceremony  

+/- 21:30 - End  

Bring along:  

  • Comfortable clothing like a tracksuit for the ceremony;
  • A sturdy pillow (yoga pillow or bolster) to sit on during the ceremony;
  • For later, a warm blanket to lie under;
  • Water bottle;
  • Small musical instruments you have in your home: a rattle, drum, flute, small djembe or guitar;
  • Keep the low winter temperatures in mind for winter ceremonies!


The number of spots is very limited. We accept at most 14 participants per ceremony

Agenda - planned ceremonies (choose yours after payment):

  •  Friday the 25th of January 2019
  •  Friday the 15th of February
  •  Friday the 1st of March
  •  Friday the 22nd of March  

What you should and should not do

There is a reason why you have read this far along the page. Whatever the reason is, the decision on whether to come is completely up to you. 

At the heart of your decision-making process should be your intuition.

If you feel the call to come: then come.  

If not: don’t. 

While you should never push yourself to do something, it is important to pay attention to any reaction you may feel, which could be anticipation or even anxiety.  

Even thinking of such a ceremony could bring up a lot of emotion for some. 

Become in tune with your body. Listen to your gut. Take a deep breath. 

We should never let fear guide us in our actions. 

Instead, listen to your heart and your intuition. 

Let this guide you in deciding if this ceremony is for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never taken "drugs" or anything, is this suitable for me?

Only you can decide if this ceremony is for you at this point of your life. Tune into your deepest wishes. Do you feel a calling to go deeper; does the thought of this ceremony make your heart beat faster? Then, welcome. Let go of your thoughts/fears/beliefs. At the same time: don’t do this for anyone or any other reason.

2. Is it safe?

The big difference with taking "drugs" or taking a truffle “journey” in a ceremony in a shamanic setting is in the intention and the connection with the Great Spirit. In the ceremony, we welcome a deeper connection with the invisible world of healers, medicine men and women, guides and angels. We ask for their protection and their guidance. You are in a safe space with yourself as well as a bigger consciousness. We are convinced that this is a safe space to discover truffles. 

3. Can I have a bad trip?  

Yes and no. The wisdom and the consciousness of the truffles/mushroom experience may allow us see things that are driving us at this stage of our lives. It can show us what we need to serve or what we need to heal. We believe that we only see what we can handle. And we believe that what we see, we see at just the right time.  

If we resist our vision, that can make the process more difficult, which happens in life as well. We never see something that is completely new: it is always an opportunity to heal something that has been a factor in your life for some time. If what you see is difficult to process, perhaps this reflects some hardship or pain in your life as well? 

Trust the greater consciousness, your own heart’s intention. You can handle what you see. Give yourself to the process and allow the healing to begin.  

4. How big is the dose and how intense is the “trip”? 

The dose is based on each person’s build/weight, experience with the use of psychedelics, stage of life, etc. We use fresh, legal truffles.  


The number of spots is very limited. We accept at most 14 participants per ceremony. 

 Agenda - planned ceremonies (choose yours after payment):  

  •  Friday the 25th of January 2019
  •  Friday the 15th of February
  •  Friday the 1st of March
  •  Friday the 22nd of March